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Directly contracting with Skyy High Records & Entertainment, Inc. Hennacy is able to feed her passion to write, promote, manage, and oversee artist growth & development, while actively indulging in her own :)
   *Hennacy's new single "Your Mother", Summer 2017!*

Producer The Sweetest takes over Hennacy single, "Life"

*TBR set later this year!*

*Hennacy's artist Jessie Skyy first tringle out now!

Outside features being contracted for upcoming singles with Hennacy releasing 2017!
~ News ~
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Hennacy is an Alabama girl with a well rounded palette musically and technically.
Writing and singing since 5 years old, she picked up rapping in 2002 and quickly fell under spell.
While managing life and obstacles, she kept her dream alive while refocusing her grind.
Hennacy - chosen specifically as a derivative reflective branch of who she is as a whole - enjoys the freedom of expression granted in music that in her view could be fading as a whole from society and social interactions.
She enjoys sharing lyrically about "real shit" and the pervasions and persuasions of life that entrap us all in one form or another.
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